Monday, August 11, 2008

I Think It’s Time To Get Outta Dodge…..But I Won’t

The frequency of the blogs has significantly died down due to utter exhaustion for no reason. I actually had inspiration and things to write about recently and would have fought through the non-existent mono but all I had to write about were horribly depressing topics and I was trying to lighten the mood after the last entry. I still have nothing jolly to write about but I think this babbling will be more ridiculous than sad.

Recently I have been pondering how disgusting and angry the city can be which I believe has filtered out to the Garden State as well. I think it first started after I returned from good ‘ole AC. I was walking down the broken glass filled, poop covered sidewalk to work, along the absolutely disgusting Hudson River, all the while imaging how less than 24 hours prior I was walking down the boardwalk at the beach. Hmmm, Atlantic Ocean – Hudson River – you pick.

Soon after, walking to work again through what I have termed Sketchytown, I see police tape in front of Chelsea Park. Thinking perhaps it had something to do with the Ugly Betty taping a few nights before I thought nothing of it until I got to work to find out an off duty cop was stabbed after leaving a club in the early morning. Ok, well we know how those clubs can be. Understandable circumstance. Well not really but not surprising either. Later that day as I am walking home past a children’s playground I see more police tape and a shit load of detectives and beat cops talking about witnesses blah blah blah. My investigative mind figured that the assailant from the cop stabbing had dropped a piece of evidence while escaping through the park and that’s what all the hullabaloo was about. It wasn’t until weeks later when I was given a flyer from a cop that I realized there was a shooting/robbery in the children’s playground that same day at 6:15pm! Lovely isn’t it. Perfect place for a shooting. Now I’m really thinking Atlanta looks appealing.

Shoot to today. And what a day it was. It was a rather nice walk to work. Only one crazy tried to talk to me but as usual I smiled and kept walking. With storms looming I was glad to be inside. Darkness was moving over the city but my computer was frozen so I was pre-occupied with that until I heard, “Oh my God”. Something I have heard WAY too often at this damn job. (see previous entries) I look to the right and everyone is looking out the windows. I see nothing so I shift my focus back to my computer which is just getting worse and worse. Still trying to get my computer to work I am distracted by a voice again saying, “Oh my God”. Followed by another saying, “It looked like it hit that building.” Well we all know what was going through my insane brain. Turns out lighting had apparently struck one of the construction cranes but all seemed ok. Within a few minutes the city became enveloped by a thick fog that caused a complete white out or gray out in this case. We couldn’t see ANYTHING out the windows.

The rest of the day cleared up and went smoothly until I started my trek home. I made it safely through Sketchytown and was blocks away from the PA when I apparently failed at being a caring and concerned human being. Remember what happened in the last episode of Seinfeld??? Maybe that will give you a clue. Walking down the sidewalk, again weaving through the crazies, I had my headphones on and was singing along in my head when I saw a man with intent in his eyes lift an aluminum shovel above his head. I saw this happening and said nothing. Mind you I don’t even like to yell B-I-N-G-O when I’ve won (Donna can confirm this to be true) so I wasn’t about to yell “GET DOWN”. Within a few seconds which seemed like 10 minutes, the man swung the shovel whacking this other guy in the head. It was like in slow motion and I fully expected to see this guy out of the ground with a massive head wound but by some miracle he was fine just really pissed and who could blame him. I was actually surprised that this guy and his group of friends didn’t kill this, I guess homeless man. They just started cursing at him and trying to get the shovel. I have to say if someone hit me with a shovel I don’t think I would be so nice. That is, if I could even get myself up to be angry. As I walked in to the street to get away and to hurry to make my bus, I noticed all the on-lookers just watching this happen. Could I have been the only one that saw this happen? Someone else could have yelled BINGO, I mean Get Down. I left there pissed at myself for not stepping in. It didn’t really even seem that strange to me. I get more upset when people are yelling and cursing at each other than I get when witnessing someone get whacked with a shovel. Go figure.

I think you become immune to some of the violence and somewhat angry and violent yourself. It’s contagious. I am the kind of person that feels bad when I kill a bug but sometimes I would like to hit someone with a shovel myself. Just the other day I was wishing I had a shovel at Kohl’s. Two adult women pissed me off big time and I thought how great it would be if I could just punch them in the face. Then they wouldn’t do that anymore. I would never actually do that but I was thinking about it! This place is crazy and I think I need to move to a farm. Anyone wanna come?

Well, tomorrow is another day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get rainbows. Well maybe smoke and pollution forming what looks like a rainbow.

Beware of shovels!

Jill E.

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